Here are a few websites that, for one reason or another,
I'd like to promote:
Laura Pasternack
Laura B Pasternack
San Diego, CA

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My parents.  They are great!  My mother started off as a home
economics teacher and my father as an engineer.  They ultimately found
their way to owning a quilting shop in Dallas for over 20 years.  It was
a very successful shop and along the way my father developed many
tools for the quilting industry.  My mother has published 6 books on
quilting and has appeared on the TV show "Simply Quilts" numerous
times.  Today, both are 'semi-retired'.  She lectures, writes books and
supplies my father's business, Holiday Designs, with new quilt patterns.
My father bravely runs their website, were
you can buy patterns, sign up for their newsletter and submit pictures of
your quilts for display.  It's all fun.
The world of online eco-friendly directories.  These directories are a
great way to find everything you ever wanted to purchase or any
information you ever wanted to have about living a more eco-friendly
lifestyle.  Check out:
All the stores out there that offer environmentally friendly products on
the web so that we can all buy them, no matter where we live.  My
favorites are: