Laura Pasternack
I have been studying chinese brush painting for many  
years now.  I have had two wonderful teachers.  My
first teacher, Tara Hu, taught me chinese calligraphy.  
With my second teacher, Jean Shen, I am learning
painting. In addition, I have learned from every
painter I have encountered, many of whom I paint
with regularly and hold very dear.  I am grateful to all  
my teachers for their inspiration and patience.  They
have taught me to see the world differently.  For me,
painting is moving meditation; my mind keenly at one
with the touch of the brush, the smell of the ink,  the
feel of the smooth white paper, and the intricacies of
the  subject.  In the moving meditation of art I find I
touch the world deeply.  I am grateful for this

Laura B Pasternack
Laura B Pasternack
San Diego, CA

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